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The Inmate Locator Lookup Find Inmates & Prisoners D.O.C. www. The ...
Inmate locator and inmate finder. THE InmateLocator helps find and search for inmates, prisoners and DOC websites. The Federal BOP and all 50 Department of ...
Department of Correction Inmate Information Search
CT DOC Inmate Number: Last Name: First Name: Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy): If you have trouble searching the ...
Colorado Department of Corrections
Provides protection and public safety by managing offenders in secure, humane, controlled environments, and provides work and self-improvement opportunities to assist ...
Arizona Department of Corrections Offender Information
Results include inmate# that links to further details, photo, quick info link, name, date of birth and admission date.
NC DPS Offender Public Information - Division of Adult Correction
North Carolina Department Of Public Safety. Offender Public Search. Search by offender status, last name, last name sounds like, offender numbeer, genger,etc.
Florida Department of Corrections -- Homepage
Florida Department of Corrections is responsible for the custody of inmates in state prisons and the supervision of offenders sentenced to probation or parole in the ...
NJDOC Home Page - The Official Web Site for The State of New Jersey
Inmate Telephone System; ... The New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJDOC) is pleased to present "MRSA: Preventing Outbreaks in NJ Prisons" and "MRSA: ...
Offender Search Portal
Search by last name or ID for up-to-date information on North Carolina inmates, probationers, and parolees. Create offender photo lineups.
Illinois Department of Corrections Inmate Search
Includes name, last known addresses, physical descriptions, convicting county, list of charges and sentence, date of incarceration, projected release date and current ...
Department of Correction Inmate Information Search
Search Result; Please note, if the inmate location is listed as PO followed by a name, it indicates supervision by a parole officer at a regional parole office.
Department of Corrections
Notices to Inmate Families and Friends ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ NEW!!--While the DOC announced on Jan. 9 its intention to close SCIs Cresson and Greensburg by June 30, 2013, as long ...
Offender Locator - Minnesota Department of Corrections
Results include name that links to inmate details, birthdate, offender ID#, current status and location.
Maryland DOC Inmate Locator - Department of Public Safety and ...
The Inmate Locator enables members of the public to learn the housing location of inmates committed to the custody of the Commissioner of Correction and currently ...
DOC Disclaimer
New Jersey Department of Corrections. ... Disclaimer: The purpose of the Offender Search Web Page is to promote public safety and welfare while providing ...
State of Oregon: Department of Corrections
Current News and Information for the Inmate Telephone System, ... the Department of Corrections has launched a Facebook page and Twitter account.
IDOC : Home
Inmate Search Wanted Fugitives Illinois Sex Offender Information Parolee Sex Registrant Search ... Illinois Department of Corrections Launches Sustainability Initiative

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