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New Mexico Prison Riot Images

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1980 New Mexico State Penitentiary prison riot - documentary
Documentary about the 1980 New Mexico State Penitentiary Riots in which 33 inmates were killed. A truly chilling programme, when the inmates had...

30 Years Since Hell: The New Mexico Prison Riot
Nothing like it had ever happened before in an American prison. Inmates battered gaping holes through 6-in. reinforced concrete walls. They burned...

1980 NM Prison Riot Remembered
Bob White, a New Mexico Corrections Department retiree, describes his experience during the New Mexico Penitentiary Riot, which took place on...

Hell House
"The Syndicato Nuevo Mexico, also known as the New Mexico Syndicate, was founded in 1979 by Hispanic inmates in Albuquerque, New Mexico's...

Prison Riot: CCTV shows armed inmates during Mexico uprising
The State Attorney's Office in the Mexican state of Chihuahua has released security camera footage showing armed inmates taking part in a riot...

Mexico Prison Riot - No comment
http://www.euronews.com/nocomment/ Riot in Tijuana's state prison. No comment | Euronews: The most striking images from around the world...

Scene of nation's worst prison riot open to public
Scene of nation's worst prison riot open to public.

NM weighs reopening closed state pen as museum
The New Mexico Corrections Department may reopen its closed penitentiary where a bloody prison riot occurred in 1980 as a prison museum.

New Mexico Corrections Department - Riot Memorial at the New Mexico Senate
This is the official New Mexico Corrections Department YouTube page.

Canadian Prison Riot Leaked Video
A Court of Queen's Bench judge has released a video of a 2010 riot at the Saint John Regional Correctional Centre that caused more than...

Pelican Bay State Prison Riot
Correctional Officers fatally shot one inmate and wounded 12 others to quell the riot involving black and Southern Mexican inmates armed with...

The Old New Mexico State Penitentiary
Looking for ghosts at the old New Mexico State Penitentiary.

Stingball grenades are used to stop huge fights in prison
Stingball grenades will stop a huge fight in a prison within 2 seconds. Within those 2 seconds, they're all retreating. Being hit by 1 of the...

Inside The Deadly Prison Riot
An inmate claiming to be a prisoner at the Adams County Correctional Facility snapped several pictures during the riot.

Tai Chi Health and Meditation Helps Prisoners
20 Years ago, Bruce Kumar Frantzis was asked and then volunteered to teach Wu style Tai Chi at the New Mexico State Penitentiary (which had just...

Gladiator Days Anatomy Of A Prison Murder Full Prison Documentary inmate search lockup
Across the United States, violent crime in prison is an everyday reality, with inmates routinely exposed to assault, riot, rape and murder....

Gas chamber at Old Main Santa fe prison New Mexico
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

1929 Prison Riot
Video contains images of prison riot in 1929 at the State prison in Auburn, NY in which the NY State Troopers were called in.

10 Worst Prisons in America
10 Worst Prisons in America: "Song: m00kdatruth - Thought Provokin m00kdatruth's channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/m00kdatru... "...

Prison & Jail, Riots, Alcohol, Gangs, Drugs, Bloods, Crips, Surenos, Peckerwoods, Paisas
All of these pictures were taken inside of prison and they depict convicts doing what they do behind closed doors. There are; shanks, alcohol...

The Attica Prison Uprising: Forty Years Later
The prisoners filling the cells of New York's Attica prison in 1971 faced inhumane conditions. They earned 56 cents per day for manual labor...

Inmates Shot, Stabbed In New Folsom Prison Riot
All 1000 prisoners living in the C facility where Wednesday's riot broke out are now on lockdown.

News In Two Minutes - Prison Riot - Pesticide Explosion - Fracking EQs - Prepper Survival News
Indonesian Prison Riot - Russia Reverts To Typewriters For Spying - NY Pesticide Explosion - Fracking Shown To Cause Large Earthquakes - NSA...

Gang Boss Conference - The Philippines - Inside the Gangsters' Code
Ex Mafia street boss Lou Ferrante visits the world's largest maximum security prison, New Bilibid in the Philippines, where he gets the unique...

Tracking the Mexican Mafia - Inside Donovan State Prison - 2011 Edward R. Murrow Award Winner
Follow on Twitter: @10NewsHunt November 21st, 2010 - 10News Anchor Kimberly Hunt goes inside San Diego's Donovan State Prison, where guards...


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